Wicked Rugby and Amazon Web Services


  • Confirmation of your environment and goals
  • Representative Architect of AWS Cloud Services to meet those goals
  • AWS Differentiators and how those will be important to Wicked Rugby including pricing
  • Vision and Next Steps
  • Question/Answer


Wicked Rugby is poised for growth with a goal to take their business 5X in the next 12 months.  Along with goals of improved availability and performance, they are determined not to let the cost of their environment be prohibitive to their growth or their customer’s <fan> experience.
AWS Mission 
My mission today is to show you how AWS can provide the utmost in availability and scalability across the most robust environment in the market, with the best rated customer experience and the most flexible and transparent pricing options available today.
  • Centralized Infrastructure (Dallas Datacenter)
  • Database Cluster (4 RedHat Linux Servers)
  • Web/Application Cluster (16 RedHat Linux Servers)
  • 1TB of Media Content Storage
  • F5 Hardware Appliance for load balancing
  • Akamai Subscription CDN for Content Delivery


Region and # of Availability Zones
Regions Coming Soon!

AWS Pricing

With AWS you replace large up front CapEx with lower, variable cost.  You only pay for what you use and only for as long as you need it.  ALL AWS services are available on demand and require no long term contract.

Pay As You Go

  • Scale based on NEED not solely on forecast
  • Reduce Over-provisioning costs and risk
  • Scale automatically and on-demand

Pay Less When You Reserve

  • Reserved Instances for EC2 & RDS
  • Invest in reserved capacity
  • Three options to choose from
    • All Up Front Payment (Largest Discount)
    • Partial Up Front Payment
    • No Up Front Payment


Pay Less When You Use More

  • Volume based discounts
  • Savings go up as usage increases.
  • Services such as S3 storage are tiered
    • The more you use, the less you pay per GB.
  • AWS also gives you options to acquire services that help you address your business needs.

AWS Total Cost of Ownership

*Based on representative architecture

Current Annual Spend



Estimated Cost To Scale (10M)








*Based on example architecture (Your savings may vary depending on usage)



Using AWS Today Can Save You (Annually)

Case Studies


AWS Roadmap Session

  • The AWS Experience from Discover to Completion
  • Business Initiatives and Technical Success Criteria
  • Deep-Dive into your environment with our Solution Architect team
  • The AWS Migration Process and Best Practices

AWS Roadmap Session

  • Additional Breakaway sessions are available
  • Additional Services, A closer look at pricing models, Trial Setup (Free Tier)
  • At your facility or or ours – food (and fellowship) provided by AWS